Monday, 14 November 2011

Dystopian Wars - Enemy Sighted

Corny title I know, but I figured it's been so long since I last posted I really should get something up here. It's not that I haven't been painting, quite the contrary actually. I just haven't been taking many photos recently. So while I get the camera out and try to set up some decent lighting I thought I'd put up an interim post about the Dystopian fever that has caught on in Christchurch. I had a couple of games over the weekend and I'm absolutely loving it. The games are always very close and always very bloody. A mate of mine has just picked up the Antarctic boxed set so dropped by for a game where we proceeded to bludgeon each other into the deep blue sea. A lucky critical roll blew the rudder off his battleship right at the end denying him the victory as my heavily crippled battleship blasted his to pieces while he struggled to bring his guns to bear.

My Japs lining up the frosty Penguins.

Close quarters fighting.

The day after that we organised a game down at Comics Compulsion between 4 of us. Mark and Clinton allied with their Antarctic and FSA while Martin and I allied our Blazing Sun fleets. Another very close fought game with the Japs winning by the slimmest of margins. This was helped along by Martin rolling 6's in probably 35% of his dice rolls. Below is a picture of the deployment:

Anyways that'll do for now. I'll work on getting some photos of models this week. In the mean time if you are keen for a Dystopian Wars game in Christchurch then drop by the Cavaliers Club on Thursday night for a beer and we can get one organised.


  1. Curse those red dice! Curse them to hell and back!

  2. If only they rolled like that for me as well :*(