Sunday, 20 November 2011

Brute Force - November 2011

For those of you not from the South or generally unawares; Brute Force is a small one day tournament held in the picturesque town of Greymouth on the West Coast twice per year. It is a 40k tournament focused heavily on whacky and sometimes completely bizarre missions. It's probably not the kind of tournament for your hardcore gamer, but if you're keen to play in a relaxed tournament where people are more interested in drinking beer than winning games it would be right up your alley.

The final tournament for the year is this weekend (Sat 26th Nov) and I'm heading over for a catch up with mates, a few cold beers and a bit of gaming in between. I'll be taking the Salamanders as it's still the only painted army I can field for 40k. The format is 1199 points plus a 180 point sideboard that may or may not be available on some of the missions. My army has been dictated more by what I have painted than what is going to work well on the table so this is what I've ended up taking:

Main Force:

- Jump Pack

Master of the Forge
- Combi-Flamer
- 4 Servitors

2 x Tactical Squads with:
- Multi-Melta
- Power Fist
- Rhino
- 1 squad has Meltagun, 1 has Plasmagun

Venerable Dreadnought
- Assault Cannon
- Extra Armour

Assault Squad
- 2 Flamers
- Storm Shield and Thunder Hammer


Venerable Dreadnought
- Extra Armour

Not the hardest army so I think I'll be giving ground a little in terms of lists but I think I can mitigate enough of that with some cunning tactics. And by cunning tactics I mean shouting my opponent enough beer to help them forget their game plan. If beer doesn't work then I'll be sure to switch to plan B:


Anyways I'll try to remember to snap some pics and put a post up when I get back about how things went. If I forget yet again rest assured there's never a bad weekend spent in the home of Monteiths.

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