Friday, 30 September 2011

The Campaign with No Name - Continued...

When I look back to the last post I made about this campaign I'm kind of disturbed at how little has changed. So I've decided to stir things up a little, at least for my own amusement. Below is the current map of how the campaign has progressed...

There is a lot of action going on in the Elf territory (the light blue) so I have decided to get involved and see if I can pillage a little territory. In all honesty I just want the river. You see with the recent release of Dreadfleet I have been inspired to paint up my Dwarf Man'O'War fleet. Not that I can actually use it in the campaign but I just feel like I really need some unobstructed access to the sea to vent my seafaring creativity right now. And who knows; maybe I can convince the the campaign coordinator to involve my little ships somehow.

Anyway here's the start of my fleet. 6 Nautiluseses.

I still have another 7 ships to paint but I'll post them in a later update. Here's a WIP in the meantime.

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