Friday, 30 September 2011

The Campaign with No Name - Continued...

When I look back to the last post I made about this campaign I'm kind of disturbed at how little has changed. So I've decided to stir things up a little, at least for my own amusement. Below is the current map of how the campaign has progressed...

There is a lot of action going on in the Elf territory (the light blue) so I have decided to get involved and see if I can pillage a little territory. In all honesty I just want the river. You see with the recent release of Dreadfleet I have been inspired to paint up my Dwarf Man'O'War fleet. Not that I can actually use it in the campaign but I just feel like I really need some unobstructed access to the sea to vent my seafaring creativity right now. And who knows; maybe I can convince the the campaign coordinator to involve my little ships somehow.

Anyway here's the start of my fleet. 6 Nautiluseses.

I still have another 7 ships to paint but I'll post them in a later update. Here's a WIP in the meantime.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Vostroyans - Tidy Whities

Ok commission for the computer game thing is done so back to my slow and painful progress on the Vostroyans. I have done the gold and the white on the Commander. There's a bit of tidying up that I need to do but it's pretty much finished. Photo isn't the best as I keep making them very grainy, but my flatmate is giving me some tips so maybe there's hope for me.

Also the commission work continues. Here's a couple of Dwarfs I'm painting for a friend:

I know the top one could use a little TLC with the Greenstuff, but I'm paid to paint them not clean up mould lines so unfortunately it'll just have to do.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Everyone's keen on side projects these days...

And I'm no exception. I have been distracted from the Vostroyans yet again. I've had quite a lot of commission work to do and am also currently painting some models for a sales pitch for a Facebook computer game (I'm not making the pitch, I've just been commissioned to paint the models).

The worst and best of all though is my Dystopian Wars army. I've recently been roped into playing a few games of this and I'm hooked! It is a very fun game and so distant in style and scale to what I usually play. It is such a breath of fresh air. So a few of us have all been working very hard (well some of us have been working very hard) at getting an army painted.

I've taken up the Empire of the Blazing Sun and have almost finished painting my army. Below are pictures of my Cruisers, Frigates, Bombers and 5 of the Fighter Tokens I've painted so far. The remainder are not far off completion and will post them up when done.

The Vostroyans have not been forgotten. I've progressed a little on the Commander and will turn some focus back onto him once I have cleared the commission work.