Monday, 11 July 2011

The Vostroyans have begun!!!

I never thought it would happen but I have actually started painting my Vostroyans. I've only got two models done so far but have started a third also so I really feel like I'm developing something not too far off a pattern. Some may even dare to call it a disciplined painting regime...

Before I get into any further details of this project I best post up some pics so you can see what I've come up with. The below are the medic for my Command Squad and a Squat ambassador who I will use either as a bodyguard within the Command Squad or an Inquisitorial Henchmen of some kind when I get to painting the Inquisitor.

The Squat I actually finished a good many months ago as a bit of a joke. A friend gave me the model because he looked kind of Vostroyanish and I wanted an excuse to try cork as a basing material to represent concrete slabs so one day I just figured I would start mucking around with the model. After much gluing and painting with a few Whiskys to keep the creative inspiration going he was complete.

The Medic model is one I've always really loved. Of the entire Vostroyan range I would only pick the Sniper with the night vision goggles as a better model. There was no real decision to do the Medic next it just happened that I was fishing through some old models and found him and then started gluing him to his base without really realising why. I tried to do a little greenstuffing on the dead guy's armour but I was less than successful so we may have to revisit that but otherwise I'm pretty happy with him. Like most of my models I tried to give him a really clean and colourful finish without being over bearing or garish.

So I suppose the question is "Where to from here?". I've already started on the commander model so I'm still moving forward with the project which is a good sign. Usually they would all be half finished and gathering dust in a corner by now. My only concern is that I'm painting a lot of character type models and no troops or vehicles. So after the commander I think I'll need to move on to some troops to start bulking out the army a the mean time though I'll try to get some pics up of the commander as a work in progress.

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