Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Campaign with No Name

My flatmate Chris has started a small Warhammer Fantasy Campaign involving 10 of us. It's a map based campaign to help us all get used to the new Fantasy rules (yes some of us still haven't played the new rules) and get some models painted up. We've started small with 500 point games with the eventual goal to have 1200 point armies by February. Each army has a special rule and mine, being Dwarfs, is that I can move across mountains with no penalty. Believing mountains would be easier to defend for me I've set my territory in the middle of the map where there is a big mountain range.

Overall things are going well for the Dwarfs with a lot more wins than losses. There is an experience system for characters and my Thane has lived through enough battles that he has got a +1 Wound increase. My latest game was against Brad's Vampire Counts who hold the territory in dark red to the North East of me. I ran a simple army: Thane with a Great Weapon, 20 Warriors with Great Weapons, 10 Quarrellers and an Organ Gun. Here's how the game played out.

Opening deployment had the Organ Gun in the centre, the Warriors with my Thane to the right and the Quarrellers out of the photo in a forest to the left. Brad had two units of skellies ahead of me with a small unit of Ghouls flanking the ruins to hit me in my right flank. His Necromancer was hiding behind the ruins. This shot was taken 2 turns in and Brad had summoned a small unit of Zombies in front of his main unit of Skellies.

After a few turns of shooting we met in the middle where I butchered his Zombies only to fail my fear test when being charged by the Skellies, and then running from a dismal combat to within a few inches of the table edge. While I did find the Quarrellers to be next to useless in the new rules the Organ Gun proved to be just as devastating as it was in the old rules by smashing the Ghoul unit as well as knocking out a lot of the Zombies.

Finally after losing my Organ Gun my stalward purple midgets rallied and put the beat on the last of the skellies to win the game. Over all a fun game and I learned a lot about playing Undead. With the small number of turns it takes to reach combat I don't think I'll be using missle units much anymore but the Organ Gun is still worth every point. I'll put up some more updates as the campaign progresses, in the mean time is back to the painting.

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