Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Natcon 2011!!!

Well Natcon 2011 is over. While I didn't get everything painted in time I had a lot of fun drinking far too much beer and whiskey, catching up with some good mates from Dunedin and meeting some great new people. In the end I ranked 12th out of 40 which I'm pretty happy with. I took a very soft list and was anticipating I'd be about mid field so I've managed to scrape in ahead of expectations.

Looking at some of the placings it seems like soft scores had a heavy weighting. There were a number of people, myself included, who did not win the greater share of their games but have ranked in the top 20. Needless to say I'm not complaining.

Anyways I was far too intoxicated/hungover to remember to bring my camera. Chris snapped a couple of photos of my game with Royce. I've uploaded one below. If you get the chance to play this guy then take it. He had a well painted army, nothing golden demon winning but very interesting, and he was a fantastic sportsman.

So from here my sights are set on Southcon. It's 40k in 40 mins so I'll not be taking anything new as I'm pretty busy between now and then with not much time to paint. I do have a Limited Edition Sergeant model which I'll paint up to act as a commander seeing as I won't be taking an HQ but that will be it.

I'll be sure to post a little more build up to this and I'll tie my camera to my wrist this time so I should have some swirly drunken photos to show.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

First Blog

Well this is my attempt to set up a blog about my doings and beings. Mostly it'll be about 'Man Barbies' I imagine with the odd side interest thrown in here and there.

Bear with me while I get to grips with designing and managing the blog. At the moment my focus is on finding my way round blogger so if something breaks...well it's most likely my fault but I'll do my best to delegate responsibility for any failings as best I can.